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Throwable Fire-Extinguishing Cocktail


  • Description

    During a fire, you need to make split second decisions and sometimes, some of these decisions will come to save your life. The Throwable Fire Extinguisher offers a quick solution to end the spread of a fire.

    Think of it as a reverse Molotov Cocktail, simply throw it into the fire and watch it put it out rapidly. This is definitely an innovation and upgrade to the conventional fire extinguisher which may be really heavy to carry and even operate and being officially approved, we have no doubt that keeping one of these in your home will come to save your life one day. The patented chemical found is not only toxic-free but 10 times more potent than conventional fire-fighting chemicals whilst the bottle itself is made from a shatter plastic.

    Note: This order includes 1 Bottle. They are very fragile, be careful when handling.

    Weight: Approx. 620g


  • Vendor


    BONEX is established to manufacture and market the throw-type fire extinguishers by offering an easy option in controlling initial fires. We aim to increase public awareness on fire prevention as well as to revolutionize the household and commercial markets by introducing our simple to use, effective and cutting-edge products.

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