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BioLite Stove


  • Description

    Forget the fossil fuels and create a smokeless flame using the wood around you. Power your devices while you make your meals with BioLite’s TEG technology.

    The BioLite CampStove generates usable electricity for charging LED lights, mobile phones, and other personal devices.

    Burning only wood, the CampStove creates a smokeless campfire that can cook meals and boil water in minutes. Setup is easy, fuel is free, and flames are hyperefficient with performance on par with white gas stoves.

    Burn wood and create 2 watts of electricity to charge smartphones, headlamps, LED lights, and more. Burn sticks, twigs, pinecones, and other biomass – find your fuel along the trail and never buy a gas canister again.

    CampStove nests inside itself, saving space in your pack.

    Weight: 2.06 lbs

    Fuel: Renewable BioMass (twigs, pinecone, wood pellets, etc)

    Measurements: 209.6mm x 127mm

  • Vendor


    BioLite develops and manufactures advanced energy products that make cooking with wood as clean safe and easy as modern fuels while also providing electricity to charge cell phones and LED lights off-grid.

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