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  • Description

    Introducing a whole new way to say hello. The Scentee Smart Phone Smell Attachment is your own personal window to aroma communication. It’s also the first of its kind. This easy to use fragrance communication system is compatible with the Scentee App which is available in both the Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store.

    This app is your one stop download to igniting the senses. The Scentee Smart Phone Smell Attachment has the power to release the aroma of your choosing into the air to signal a message from your sweetie or simply just to enhance the atmosphere. This is the Scentee’s first release in America and the world is already buzzing about it. Become the first one of your friends to upgrade, not just your phone, but the way you communicate with your phone.

    This device can send a message that only you know how to decode. It can also bring joy into the world of your loved ones by adding a hint of Love Potion to the background of every conversation. The Scentee Smell Attachment is versatile and easy to use. New scents are already on the way to the USA. Be the first to share them with your friends and family.

    Note: This order includes the Scent Attachment Gadget in White Colour.

  • Vendor

    Scentee Japan Inc

    Scentee smart phone smell attachment is the only current smart phone accessory that allows you to communicate aromatically amongst your friends and family. The Scentee Company was originally founded in Japan and is a young and budding business. Scentee is currently a trending topic amongst techies, news reporters and bloggers from New York to California. Our cell phone accessory is more than a scent cartridge; it’s also a digital trend.

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  • Additional Information
    Complimentary Scentee Flavour

    Coffee Scented, Lavender, Love Portion, Rose, Rosemary, Strawberry

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